Leo Teatero’s first foray into the world of events and entertainment came at an early age. One of four boys, yet always the first to help his mother in the kitchen, Leo quickly realized the unique ability to turn a regular weekday dinner into a memorable gathering full of laughter and love. Growing up in rural Ontario far removed from big-city glamour, Leo relied heavily on the resources available to him to creatively transform his world: the fresh produce grown in his Father’s vegetable patch became both parts of the main course at dinner but also part of the centrepiece playing tribute to fall; the wildflowers picked fresh from his Mother’s garden were lovingly fashioned into a wreath for Mother’s Day - unique touches helping to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary celebrations.

It was the same penchant for providing memorable bonding experiences amongst creative settings that landed Leo in the world of corporate entertainment. No longer dependent on resources from his backyard, he was able to seek more sophisticated and complex vendor solutions. In an event playing tribute to professionals in medicine, Leo sourced a vendor to grow apples for a centrepiece that featured the medical school’s logo imprinted onto the apple’s skin, playing on the adage of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Despite being faced with significantly more budget and resource available to him, coupled with a blank canvas in the form of venues with the ability to host hundreds of guests, the same principles applied. Begin with the individual being celebrated and work from there.

Quickly learning to tailor his approach to each setting, Leo can adapt to the many individual needs and requirements of his clients across several sectors: academia, politics, charity sector, arts & entertainment, and fashion. Whether a scenario calls for being discrete or larger than life, Leo can manoeuvre the energy in the room to obtain the desired outcome. Entertaining with a purpose is the cornerstone of any successful corporate event and Leo can deliver, no matter if the goal is to charm VIP donors to support a worthy cause, honour the next generation of newly graduated doctors, or launch a new nightclub destined to be the new hot spot in town.

Fast forward some 30 years later with 1000s of events produced and Leo still relishes in what he does. Not a single one of his events have looked similar to another. Why? Because his approach is to tailor an event around the unique attributes of the guest of honour. Watching guests walk through a venue and marvel at the magic of the event unfolding around them is the best part of the job. The fact that Leo also gets to flex his creative muscles while playing to his Type A organized planner tendencies are merely a bonus.

Specifically, wedding planning and milestone celebrations are near and dear to Leo’s heart. Many of Leo’s wedding clientele have come from the events he has produced, often in the form of an impressed guest who is looking for an event impresario for their special day. To be given full creative reign with the trust of delivering a couple’s most cherished day is the ultimate honour. And while Leo has hung up his hat as a full time in-house corporate event planner, he loves the intimacy in getting to know individuals and happy couples, working closely with them and going above and beyond in delivering the perfect celebration to honour them.

Today Leo divides his time between Montpellier and Montreal, embracing bilingualism while also sampling the unique multicultural society showcased by each city. Finding inspiration from the arts, different cuisines, and unique cultures while connecting with new people from around the world is something Leo takes with him whether being in his home cities or out on his frequent travels. Always inspired by the world around him, he relishes in taking those experiences home to turn his ordinary world into something extraordinary to be enjoyed by those around him.


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