Wedding planning requires a special amount of care and for some it will be the biggest party they will ever host.   It is important to get want you desire without it becoming a full time job.  I've produced all types of weddings for all kinds of couples, be it in chapel, cathedral or beautiful garden settings.   From simple and elegant to high-end couture and black tie, I will seamlessly bring your dream wedding to life, so you can relax and enjoy the journey you're beginning together.

One of the reasons my weddings never look the same is because they reflect the couple’s tastes and what unifies them.  It is the elegance, style, advice and management that I bring to the table, be it the choice of venue, menu, décor, gifts and fulfillment of your vision.

I relieve you of all logistical and organizational worries, from the months prior to the event date. You can relax and live normally, and on the big day your only focus will be to enjoy the moment.

Whether you want me to design everything from start to finish, or you wish for my help in planning your own DIY wedding, I have the plan for you.  I provide bespoke services for every level of need.

The 2.0 Package,
Two Month of Coordination with Leo

For the wedding planner who wants to take the reigns to plan, along with a few tools and tricks from Leo, for the Big Day and then Leo comes in to tie up any loose ends, confirm with all vendors, run the timeline, and make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be and having a great time at it.

The 3.0 and 4.0 Packages,
Several Months of Coordination with Leo

For the busy professional couple, who need an event planner to help organize their day and to keep them on track.  Leo will be there from start to finish including creating and managing the timeline, tasting and site visits with suppliers.  Handling everything from behind the scenes to the front line for a streamlined wedding plan that transforms ideas into reality.

The 6.0 Package:
Full Wedding design

The best way to plan your wedding weekend and the best package for events at chateaux, estates and more intricate weddings, including theme weddings and those with multiple locations, spanning several days.  Leo will orchestrate the complete creative and logistical vision from a personalized design to a blueprint of your event, including everything in between like lighting and sound systems, décor and the coordination, hotel connections and more.

Vibe Package

For the couple who may need a little more guidance when it comes to design & vibe of their event.  So when your guests walk into the venue the atmosphere just “speaks" to them.  It feels good, so you can relax, be yourself and enjoy yourself!

Rehearsal Dinner or Brunch Package

For the couple or parents who may need more guidance in planning the rehearsal dinner, welcome reception or departure brunch.   It’s not easy for parent to host events before or after your big day, but with my help these events will seamlessly come together as one.

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