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Since moving from a beautiful, yet cold, Montreal in La Belle Province to a sunny little region known as Montpellier, la France has transitioned to Ma France - an adventure that has been documented with you, my dear reader.  My journey has grown from creating a home in a Haussmannian apartment within a new country to the evolution of a community of new friends, colleagues and clients - both locally and internationally!

The inspiration I get from experiencing new sights, trying different cuisines and taking in new cultures translates into my everyday life, whether throwing a casual mid-week get together with friends, or hosting an all-out bash for a corporate dinner event.

Here in the sunny wine region, Sud de France, l’Occitanie, I am living out my life's mission: Bringing ease into event planning for the people - so that together we can craft their most memorable events. Whether teaching my friends how to set a formal table for their next dinner party including folding elaborate napkins or becoming a trusted advisor to a newly engaged couple by helping them meticulously plan the wedding of their dreams: My joy is to share my talents in making life a little bit sweeter and celebratory for all.

Follow me into wine country as we visit different vineyards and learn about wine production. Then I will take you back home and teach you how to pair the perfect wine to go along with a carefully curated menu for your home celebrations. Then recreate your adventures by following my online restaurant reviews and recommendations via VivreMaFrance at Trip

You may occasionally see affiliate links included within my posts, allowing me to make a small commission from any sales coming from the blog. Please remember that I only post about vendors I trust and use myself - all opinions, reviews and recommendations are authentically my own.

So whether you are looking to find daily inspiration from la vie en rose, or you are ready to work with a trusted professional on crafting a wedding beyond your wildest dreams, I want you to join me.  See the beauty of the south of France and beyond through my own eyes and experiences.

Vivre Ma France!

My Top Tips on How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

26 September 2022

After the moment you become engaged, choosing your perfect wedding dress often ranks pretty high up there in a bride’s most memorable moments en route to their wedding day. But with so many designers, styles and price points, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices available. “Do I want tulle or taffeta”? Are…

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Arles, City of Art and History

19 September 2022

Arles is geographically the largest city in France spacing a whopping 758 km.  It is nestled on the Rhone River between Nimes and Aix-en-Provence, just north of the Camargue region of Southern France.  It is also famous for being the home of Vincent Van Gogh during part of his life as he was obsessed with…

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A French Country Wedding

12 September 2022

Like many people who had to cancel their wedding due to Covid, after two years my clients were ready to celebrate in style.  They first married one year ago under confinement in England with a small ceremony with only family in attendance. And so, we thought why not have a public ceremony and party on the…

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Malta, The Vibrant Island Nation

17 February 2022

In December, we had the pleasure of visiting friends who now live in Malta, the smallest country in the European Union.  Malta has a grand population of 515,000 Maltese, with 20% being non-Maltese Nationals.  One you have visited the island nation you can easily see why – the islands are some of the most beautiful places…

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The Leo List of Restaurants for 2021

26 January 2022

I was organizing a dinner for a client recently in Montreal, Canada, and I was shocked when I started calling restaurants to see about availability only to find out that so many of them have closed, permanently.  Yes, it’s been and continues to be a very tough times for restaurants.  The pandemic has wreaked havoc…

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Wedding Trends for 2022 in a Post-Pandemic World – PART Three

23 January 2022

Keeping an eye on 2022 wedding trends we know big changes are on the rise for both event structure and locations (and we’ve talked about them here and here). Today, we get to talk about one of my favorite topics -fashion! I love a good excuse to get dressed up and as a seasoned wedding…

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Wedding Trends for 2022 in a Post-Pandemic World – Part Two

16 January 2022

In part one, we looked at how a change in structure, or rethinking your event format will be one of the major callouts for event trends in 2022. Today, it’s all about location, location, location. We’re going to look at what’s hot in event spaces, and how to deck them out in style.  Embracing the…

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Wedding Trends for 2022 in a Post-Pandemic World

09 January 2022

As we move forward into 2022 there are many changes still happening in the events world, changes that are quite unique from previous years given that we are still living through a global pandemic. And while in 2020 and 2021 we saw numerous events, cancelled, delayed or reduced in size, the good news is that…

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How to decide if you need a Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Planner or a Wedding Designer?

17 October 2021

If you’ve gone from saying “I do” to “how do I organize it?” during your wedding planning, then you’re not alone.  Similar to florists, caterers, and bakers, event professionals also offer a wide variety of services geared towards weddings. The good news is, every couple can find the perfect events services tailored to them, and I’m going…

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La Rochelle, A French Port with a Canadian Connection

14 August 2021

I remember hearing about the La Rochelle in history class.  The French port where many began the migration to Canada.  Numerous ships left for the new world both before and after the establishment of Canada, which included my ancestors who originated from La Tessonnière & Saint-Loup Lamairé and left for Canada in 1659. La Rochelle…

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