Here it is, my life in France. We did it, my husband and I. We moved to latitude 43.61 and longitude 3.87. In the “sud de la France”, Occitanie or to be more specific, Montpellier. An area known for 300 days of sunshine, beautiful beaches, style & panache. The warmer weather of southern France has been calling our name for years now and we finally accepted the call. For those of you who do not already know me, I am a gregarious event planner and a foodie. It’s a wonderfully fun combination for life. This blog will be about my work and our lives, but also the interesting things I see and experience. It will also be a discussion on life’s social aspects, with an eye on entertaining and event planning.

Join me on-site and in real-time, as I create weddings and private affairs. I will show you a few quick tips to top-up your game and achieve success in the home, a restaurant or abroad. I live in wine country and together we will go directly to vineyards to see how things are made. Learn how to select a menu for your home and pair it with wine. I will also cover fine dining, so you can experience it will me and this will include restaurant reviews. Follow me as I review restaurants, cities and places I have traveled to and will present a top list of restaurants each year. You can also follow my online recommendations as VivreMaFrance at Trip

We are also in the process of buying a house. This will also be some of the things I will cover. From searching, finding and purchasing a home in France including working with a lawyer and notary. We will also discuss renovations including the the design and decor of the house and land. Currently the plan is to open an event space, Bed and Breakfast aka Gite de France (vacation house rentals) but like most things in life the plan is organic and is changing every day.

I am excited about this new stage in my life. I have lived my entire life in Canada, and am very grateful for that privilege, but now it is time for something new and something different. Time to strike a few more things off my bucket list. I am over 50, happy and looking forward. Please join me on this adventure of a lifetime.

Apéro, and the best places to enjoy it in Montpellier

11 July 2019

Like many French cities, Montpellier has a treasure trove of wine bars and these places go hand in hand with the aperitif.  Aptly known as apéro, is an evening custom here that blends friends, food and beverages.  It is a pillar of French food, culture and society and in many cases takes place in a…

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Climb Every Mountain: Pic Saint-Loup and L’Hortus

22 June 2019

I did it.  I climbed a mountain.  Yes, me!  Who knew I could?  I never thought I would and wasn’t truly interested until a good friend, Mimi, visiting from Switzerland insisted we go for a hike.  I’ve never hiked anywhere.  I’ve walked to places, strolled in towns, jogged or biked for sport, but never once…

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Nîmes, The French Rome

15 June 2019

When you arrive in Nîmes, it feels like you are stepping back in time, one that is rich with history and includes Celtic Volcae, Romans, Muslims, Protestant Huguenots and Kings of France.  It was built along the Via Domitia, the first Roman road, which reached from Italy to southern France and into Spain.  We recently…

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Oysters and Mussels

18 May 2019

“The world is your oyster”, has been one of my favourite mantras for my entire life. Funny though, I hated the idea of eating them and now I cannot eat them enough. I love oysters and mussels.   One only need read any of my French restaurant reviews to see how many times I order oysters. …

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Annecy, the Pearl of the French Alps

08 May 2019

Nestled away in southeastern France, Annecy is called the “Pearl of the Alps” and is located on the northern tip of picturesque Lake Annecy surrounded by the snow-covered Alps.   We recently travelled to Annecy to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday party, which was held in a chalet in this majestic area and were blown away…

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Castres, Languedoc’s Little Venice

17 March 2019

Another little family weekend trip turned out to be a discovery of a new town and region in Occitanie. Located far from our beaches, nestled in the mountains, we reached Castres, aka the little Venice of Occitanie, known throughout the country for its rugby team and its pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing. So, after 2 hours…

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Charcuterie Boards

10 March 2019

Charcuterie is the French art of cooking dedicated to cured or prepared meats such as ham, pâté, terrines, sausages and confit.  These items are served all together on a long planche (wooden board) and are to be shared as a group.  Truly the most wonderful thing about a charcuterie board is its versatility and so…

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My House of Flowers

28 February 2019

I’ve always had a thing for flowers.  Perhaps it stems from my childhood; my mom, who is a big gardener, always had fresh flowers and flowering plants in the house.  And so, at a young age, I learned that taking care of a living thing makes us feel good about ourselves.  If you want to…

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17 February 2019

Chocolate remains incredibly popular in France where the average person eats 7kg each year and chocolatiers in France are a highly trained and valued profession. The world’s oldest person, French citizen Jeanne Louise Calment, lived to the age of 122 and proudly ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate per week.  In Paris, you…

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Brunching in Montpellier

09 February 2019

One of the beautiful things about living in Montpellier is that the city is filled with terraces and there is nothing that I like better, than eating al fresco, especially for brunch.  The portmanteau of breakfast and lunch is not always widely available in a French city.  It takes place at the same time as…

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