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Since moving from a beautiful, yet cold, Montreal in La Belle Province to a sunny little region known as Montpellier, la France has transitioned to Ma France - an adventure that has been documented with you, my dear reader.  My journey has grown from creating a home in a Haussmannian apartment within a new country to the evolution of a community of new friends, colleagues and clients - both locally and internationally!

The inspiration I get from experiencing new sights, trying different cuisines and taking in new cultures translates into my everyday life, whether throwing a casual mid-week get together with friends, or hosting an all-out bash for a corporate dinner event.

Here in the sunny wine region, Sud de France, l’Occitanie, I am living out my life's mission: Bringing ease into event planning for the people - so that together we can craft their most memorable events. Whether teaching my friends how to set a formal table for their next dinner party including folding elaborate napkins or becoming a trusted advisor to a newly engaged couple by helping them meticulously plan the wedding of their dreams: My joy is to share my talents in making life a little bit sweeter and celebratory for all.

Follow me into wine country as we visit different vineyards and learn about wine production. Then I will take you back home and teach you how to pair the perfect wine to go along with a carefully curated menu for your home celebrations. Then recreate your adventures by following my online restaurant reviews and recommendations via VivreMaFrance at Trip

You may occasionally see affiliate links included within my posts, allowing me to make a small commission from any sales coming from the blog. Please remember that I only post about vendors I trust and use myself - all opinions, reviews and recommendations are authentically my own.

So whether you are looking to find daily inspiration from la vie en rose, or you are ready to work with a trusted professional on crafting a wedding beyond your wildest dreams, I want you to join me.  See the beauty of the south of France and beyond through my own eyes and experiences.

Vivre Ma France!

What to do when Quarantined at Home

19 April 2020

In these times of being in quarantine, it is important to do things that bring you joy and calm.   Everyone can have added joy in their lives right now, you just need to create it. Many of us have been in quarantine for a month, and for sure we’re all a bit Netflix-ed out by…

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The Colour Orange

11 April 2020

Love it or hate, this flamboyant colour can lift your spirits and make you instantly feel happy and alive, something many of us need right now in the time of the Covid-19 virus.   Orange is definitively powerful, which is why people have such clear reactions to it. I personally adore the colour orange. I love…

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French Cuisine

25 March 2020

French cuisine is considered to be the backbone of cooking for many in the Western Hemisphere.   The French eat seasonal, locally sourced food and rely heavily on the terroir (the land) as I’ve talked about in my previous blogs on charcuteries, cheese and wine.  French food has also developed extensively over the past 500 years,…

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Leo’s List of Restaurants for 2020

12 February 2020

As an event planner and foodie, I have spent over three decades planning cocktails, dinners and parties and I know there are four basic elements that need to be in unison to have a great dinner in a restaurant.   Space, Ambience, Service and of course Food and Drink.  Let’s break that down: The space needs to…

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A Southern France Garden Wedding

08 February 2020

Nestled just outside of the southern French city of Montpellier, is Gîtes les Coquilloux, a family owned and operated villa, situated in a beautiful Mediterranean garden, with a huge swimming pool, and the Pic St Loup and the Cévennes mountains in the background.  It was the perfect setting for my first wedding in France, which…

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A Winter Wedding in the Old Port of Montréal

03 February 2020

I recently had the pleasure of working with two young and wonderful clients from my adopted home of Montreal. These clients were based in Australia and so I began working with them via video for a year leading up to the wedding. We all know how stressful planning an event can be, just think back…

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Le Louvre

15 January 2020

The Louvre Palace is a former royal palace located on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris, in the 1st arrondissement. Le Louvre is the world’s largest and renown museum, welcoming over 10 million visitors a year, or 15000 per day. An interesting point is that seventy percent of those visitors travelled from another country to see it.…

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The Gift of Giving

04 December 2019

Giving gifts is a complex and key part of human socializing. It helps to define our relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. We are social creatures, living in groups, sharing and taking care of each other.   To many, the most pleasurable thing you can do is to give a gift to someone you…

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Holiday Baking Treats

02 December 2019

I love baking cookies, squares and pies and so for me, many Holiday Season desserts have a no-guilt feel as you devour them. And one needs to be prepared for this guilt free season and you can be with just a few little suggestions on how to make all of those delicious bites of heaven.…

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Red Wine Saves Lives

24 November 2019

While the title of my blog is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the reality is that red wine is healthy because it is made from grapes, which are filled with natural resveratrol and antioxidants.  Both are great for your body and skin, but also encourage cell growth, improvement of your heart health and may help prevent coronary artery…

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