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Here it is, my life in France.   We did it, my husband and I.   We moved to latitude 43.61 and longitude 3.87, in the sud de la France, Occitanie or to be more specific, Montpellier.   An area known for 300 days of sunshine, beautiful beaches, style & panache.  The warmer weather of southern France has been calling our name for years now and we finally accepted the call.   For those of you who do not already know me, I am a gregarious event planner and a foodie.  It’s a wonderfully fun combination for life.  This blog will be about my work and our lives, but also the interesting things I see and experience.   It will also be a discussion on life’s social aspects, with an eye on entertaining and event planning.

Join me on-site and in real-time, as I create weddings and private affairs.  I will show you a few quick tips to top-up your game and achieve success in the home, a restaurant or abroad.   I live in wine country and together we will go directly to vineyards to see how things are made. Learn how to select a menu for your home and pair it with wine.   I will also cover fine dining, so you can experience it will me and this will include restaurant reviews.   Follow me as I review restaurants, cities and places I have traveled to and will present a top list of restaurants each year.  You can also follow my online recommendations as VivreMaFrance at Trip

We are also in the process of buying a house. This will also be some of the things I will cover. From searching, finding and purchasing a home in France including working with a lawyer and notary.  We will also discuss renovations including the the design and decor of the house and land. Currently the plan is to open an event space, Bed and Breakfast aka Gîtes de France (vacation house rentals) but like most things in life the plan is organic and is changing every day.

I am excited about this new stage in my life. I have lived my entire life in Canada, and am very grateful for that privilege, but now it is time for something new and something different.  Time to strike a few more things off my bucket list.   I am over 50, happy and looking forward.   Please join me on this adventure of a lifetime.

Vivre ma France!

The Beauty of Île de Batz

16 August 2020

Île de Batz is an enchanting little island located a quick 15 minutes boat-ride from the port of Roscoff, on the northern coast of Finistère in Brittany, in western France.  It is where we recently had the pleasure of visiting our aunt and uncle who own a lovely house with sea view.   We spent the…

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7 Things You Did Not Know About Château de Menthon St. Bernard

22 July 2020

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting properties for my clients and I recently had the pleasure of visiting a medieval chateau located just a few miles outside of the Pearl of the Alps, called Chateau de Menthon St. Bernard.  The chateau sits high on a perch overlooking Lac Annecy, where it…

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Orchids, The Affordable Luxury Plant

03 July 2020

As you all know, I am a flower guy. I love filling my home with plants and flowers and one of my favourites are orchids, a luxury item since ancient times and now (thankfully) readily accessible to many.  There are over 28,000 different kinds of orchids in the world and they can be found on…

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Serendipity, L’art de l’accident

14 May 2020

Serendipity is the “occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. As in I had a fortunate stroke of serendipity. This mysterious word was first coined in the 18th century by English writer Horace Walpol, in a personal letter to friends. Walpole was inspired by a fairy tale called The…

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The Beautiful Art of Découpage

22 April 2020

Decoupage is the process of layering paper to make art and can be done on any surface: wood, metallic, cardboard, mirrors, anything almost.  Mostly it is a small item like a box or a piece of furniture covered by cutouts from magazines, from wallpaper or from printed images.  Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often…

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What to do when Quarantined at Home

19 April 2020

In these times of being in quarantine, it is important to do things that bring you joy and calm.   Everyone can have added joy in their lives right now, you just need to create it. Many of us have been in quarantine for a month, and for sure we’re all a bit Netflix-ed out by…

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The Colour Orange

11 April 2020

Love it or hate, this flamboyant colour can lift your spirits and make you instantly feel happy and alive, something many of us need right now in the time of the Covid-19 virus.   Orange is definitively powerful, which is why people have such clear reactions to it. I personally adore the colour orange. I love…

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French Cuisine

25 March 2020

French cuisine is considered to be the backbone of cooking for many in the Western Hemisphere.   The French eat seasonal, locally sourced food and rely heavily on the terroir (the land) as I’ve talked about in my previous blogs on charcuteries, cheese and wine.  French food has also developed extensively over the past 500 years,…

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Leo’s List of Restaurants for 2020

12 February 2020

As an event planner and foodie, I have spent over three decades planning cocktails, dinners and parties and I know there are four basic elements that need to be in unison to have a great dinner in a restaurant.   Space, Ambience, Service and of course Food and Drink.  Let’s break that down: The space needs to…

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A Southern France Garden Wedding

08 February 2020

Nestled just outside of the southern French city of Montpellier, is Gîtes les Coquilloux, a family owned and operated villa, situated in a beautiful Mediterranean garden, with a huge swimming pool, and the Pic St Loup and the Cévennes mountains in the background.  It was the perfect setting for my first wedding in France, which…

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